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  • The spirit number 222, is a message from the spiritual realm that it's time to expand your universe and take action to manifest your creation. This is a time to seek cooperation within yourself, others, and collaboration through partnership. 

    Oblige your spirit guide, with the Spirit Number 222 Gift Set. Enhanced with handmade products from the No. 2 - Foundation collection.  Fill your space with the sweet and clarifying aromas of neroli, jasmine, and bergamot.

    There are 4 gift set options to choose from :

    • Transmutation Set ( 1 candle (4 oz), 1 body oil, 1 wax melt)
    • Fire Elemental Set ( 3 candles (4 oz) )
    • Water Elemental Set( 3 body oils )
    • Earth Elemental Set (3 wax melts )

    Spirit Foundation Kit Number - 222

    SKU: 3596f70c
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