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    • Our handmade Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream Candle is a fragrant mix of delicious chocolate and sweet whipped cream that will please the senses.
    • Hand-blended soy wax candle in a cafe mug that includes a chocolate-scented layer topped with hand-whipped was whipped cream.
    • Our Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream Candle looks and smells so real, you want to almost sip on it.
    • Delightful and entertaining decorative piece for and room including the family room, kitchen, office, and many more applications and uses.
    • Great for everyday use or as a unique gift item to give to someone special.
    • Soy wax with fragrance oils and reusable glass container.
    • Each candle is handmade, so there may be a slight variation compared to the pictured items.
    • A must addition for all candle lovers and candle collectors.

    Hot Chocolate Whipped Cream Candle

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