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    • Our Custom Made Gift Baskets are assembled individually and can be personalized any way you would like it.
    • Just select the occasion, purchase, and we will contact you to get your customized wish list.
    • Majority of items in our baskets are from our Handmade Collection, so you get the quality and originality of our Envy Marketplace products.
    • Premium, sturdy wicker baskets are used for each base and they are delightful to reuse after products are removed.
    • Choose your basket theme around any holiday, special occasion, event, or from many of our other themes available.
    • Our baskets make a wonderful gift item because they are all unique, contain handmade merchandise, and are thoughtful compared to prepackaged baskets you find at most retailers.
    • Basket pricing are a standard $49.95, but can range in priced based on your customization.
    • Pricing includes the basket shrink wrapped, and beautiful bow.
    • Processing time is 2-3 days before shipping out.

    Custom Made Gift Baskets

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