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    • Our highly-requested handmade Cookies & Cream candle has finally arrived!
    • Are you a cookies & cream lover?...then this is the candle for you!
    • This candle is full of robust, delicious scents including vanilla bean ice cream and Oreo cookies.
    • The aroma of all the flavors is an absolutely delicious combination and will please the senses.
    • Hand-blended soy wax candle is topped with four wax ice cream scoops and mini cookies and crumbles to give a realistic look and smell like you were in an ice cream parlor.
    • Fantastic decorative piece for kitchen, offices, bedrooms, and many more applications and uses.
    • Great for everyday use or as a unique gift item to give to someone special on your list.
    • Soy wax with fragrance oils and reusable ceramic bowl.
    • Each candle is handmade, so there may be a slight variation compared to the pictured items.
    • A must addition for all candle lovers who enjoy candles.


    Handmade Cookies & Cream Candle

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