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Shine Bright in 2024: 4 Jewelry Trends to Watch Out For

Updated: Jan 14

Envy Marketplace is welcoming the new year in style, starting with one of our favorite topics - Jewelry💎💍✨! Have you considered what jewelry trends you want to wear throughout the this year? After all, what you wear can say a lot about your personality to both you and the world. 2024 will be an interesting year, so let's dive into the up-and-coming new jewelry trends that we see taking the spotlight. 

1. Personalized Jewelry 

What better way to start the New year than with a new piece of jewelry that is totally you? A trend that has been around, and we believe will stay around, is personalized pieces. Whether you prefer a necklace engraved with your name, an initial pendant, or a bracelet with a special date, these pieces couldn't be more personalized for you! The most common we have seen this past year are initial necklaces and these are not going anywhere in the new year. Take a peek at our Monogram Collection Initial Necklace for an inexpensive way to add personalization to your jewelry collection today!

2. Statement Earrings

Another trend that was flowing in last year and is going to be accelerating in 2024 is statement earrings. These earrings will always pair well with a dainty necklace and a slicked back hairstyle to give you that popular 'clean' aesthetic. We are looking to see all types of statement earrings this year, including but not limited to, chunky hoops, stones, and studs. Whether it's a night out in town, or just a casual day at the park, you'll want your earrings to stand out in the crowd. Be sure to check out some of our favorite statement pieces in our earring collection. Our selection is sure to pair well with any outfit, day or night. Check out our Crescent Moon Hoop Earrings as the perfect example.

3. Bracelet Stacks

A trend that we have researched that is coming along in the new year is bracelet stacks. This is following along the very popular 2023 trend of layered necklaces. This trend will be a mix of dainty bracelets, bangles, and watches. We are looking at a nice variety and mixture when it comes to these stacks, also including a resurgence of mixed metals! Whether your stack is a mix of gold and silver, or just bangles, you get to make it completely yours. Envy Marketplace has an incredible selection to help start you on your bracelet stacking journey with our Moon & Stars Stacked Bracelet Set featured below!

4. Ribbons and Hearts

One trend that is going to take the new year by surprise is Ribbon and Heart jewelry. From our research, we expect that this trend is going to take the new year by storm. We are going to be seeing big heart pendants, heart rings, ribbon earrings, etc. If you prefer a little bling in your pieces do not worry, because we are sure we will be seeing all sorts of blinged out versions of these. One of our heart pieces we have that has just the right amount of bling is our Silver-Plated Jewel Heart Pendant Necklace from our hand-made Mint Jewelry Collection™. 

While no one can predict every jewelry trend for 2024, we are confident that you'll be in style with our recommendations. No matter where the new year takes you, be sure you’re decked out in your favorite piece of jewelry to showcase your personality. Have a great year and enjoy blinging it up in 2024💎💍✨!

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