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5 Jewelry Trends For 2022

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

We are welcoming 2022 with open arms! It's been quite a journey over the last couple of years and we are ready to add some fun and brightness to the future. It's always exciting to see what the new jewelry trends and styles will be, especially when it can add that extra little bit of spark to our day or night out! We have taken the time to have research jewelry trends and information for this year and are excited to share our insight on what the top 5 jewelry trends will be for 2022.

1. Chain Necklaces

One trend that we will continue to see evolve in 2022 is any type of chain necklaces that make a bold statement alone or layer them with other chains. The chain category is still making a statement, particularly yellow gold chains and rectangular elongated retro chains with a beautiful hand and weight. Additionally, chunky, oversized bold chains will be in for this year, so either go big or go home! We recommend our fabulous Quad Squad Chain Link Necklace for a bold, stylish, and trendy option.

2. Power Pendants

Pendant necklaces have long been a go-to jewelry item, but our research suggests that the bigger the pendant, the better the style. 2022 brings us style and allure that is surrounded by big stones, gems, and pendants, particularly as pendants on necklaces. If you decide to gold big and bold on your next necklace selection, you will not go wrong for your style choice. Take a look at our Smokey CZ Tear Drop Necklace collection for elegance combined with trendy fashion.

3. Bold Statement Earrings

Earrings are always a simple way to accent your wardrobe and show off a trendy fashion statement. Our research indicates that when it comes to earrings, the bolder, the better in 2022. Whether you are dressed up or dressed down, a solid pair of bold earrings can change your appearance. our stunning Marie Earrings will deliver contrast into your daily life by showing off the bling while being conservative enough for everyday wear.

4. Large-Stone Jewelry

We have always heard "the bigger the better," and when it comes to jewelry trends, it is certainly a valid point. This year, it will be all about the size and bling of the jewelry. From over-sized gems on rings to large, dangling stones on necklaces, this year's focus on quantity will certainly reign. Be sure to review all of the styles and assortment available to get a good feel of what the trends are going to be like in 2022. We love our newly added Amy Druzy Statement Rings for a dominant-stone ring that will add flair and style to any ensemble.

5. Bead Jewelry

Whatever type of bead jewelry you can think of, it's going to be in this year! Beads are definitely back and more popular than ever in different sizes, shapes, and colors. You can wear them alone with a pendant for a statement look or layered with other necklaces to make a bold fashion statement. We believe bead jewelry is timeless to begin with. The fact that they will continue as a trend item just makes it all that better for us! Have fun while being stylish with our Natural Stone Bead Pull Through Bracelet collection.

So that is our list of 5 jewelry trends that we believe will be extremely fashionable for 2022. What else do you think might be trending for this year? To take a look at these items and all jewelry we have to offer, visit Envy Marketplace today!

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